Sunday, February 06, 2011


So I was taking a break from my Dice-City-Rollers game over at (which I am so addicted to pogo btw) So that I could get some bloggy good reading done for the night. A great blog I enjoy is Libby's Blog: pinkshirtsandcarwrecks, which I was checking out some posts I had missed and I just had to share some of the yummy info on my blog. Thanks Libby for sending me on the path for finding my desert for tomorrow!

Libby posted about Chad Robertson of Tartine Bakery while reading an article last month from Martha Stewart Living. The post showed some most delicious looking bread, and links that I followed to
where "Life of a Loaf: "Make a Week's Worth of Meals with This Long-Lasting Bread"  &Chad shares his basic loaf and seven recipes in which I found the perfect desert to make for me & Hubby Dearest tomorrow night! Yummmm-o
Thanks Libby, Martha & Chad! You all rock ;)

So be sure to check out the linky-dinks above, and this desert idea/recipe of Chad's!
Cinnamon Breadcrumb-Sprinkled Ice Cream
Great idea for using your old bread so you don't end up wasting it, right? In this day in age, wasting anything is ridiculous anyways. I am so sure you would agree!
So after checking out all that, you should go check out:: Tartine Bread [Hardcover] Book By: Chad Robertson over at Amazon. I will be ordering it very very soon. I can hardly wait! is another of of my guilty pleasures. I am always buying books and goodies from them! I so wanna indulge and get a kindle, however I do love the smell of books, and collecting them to admire in person to!Amazon is a Great site for sure, but  I am willing to bet you already know that. hehe
Check out some great blog posts below from Amazon Blogs that I also enjoy and recommend highly. Hmmm My whole post theme, and seeing all the yummy post goodness of everyone else today is making mouth water. I think its time for a snack ;)

So anyways, I will be heading back over to pogo in a few, or maybe WoW and was thinking. I'm a paid member at and with that comes several guest passes to give out to friends and such. The passes give the person a week free as a premium member, no strings attached. So I was thinking... if anyone who could use one or want, comment with your Pogo name and/or link to your Pogo profile and I would be more than happy to send one to you! Right now I have 7 available to give away. When I get more, Ill let you all know to. If your not a member of Pogo already, check it out for sure. Its free and alot of fun! Also anyone who wants to friend me on Pogo... I'm: DeviantlyMe there. We could maybe play togther sometime, it would be awesome good fun hehe ;)

So with all that said... Take care sweeties, I will talk to you more soon. I promise!


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