Monday, January 31, 2011

Jan. 31rst

O.k So no new updates on my dad in the hospital so far. Thats neither bad nor good, but at least he is not getting worse. I on the other hand still feeling like crap on a stick. I also found a really hard lump on the back of my neck, and my neck has been killing me. Not sure what to do about it yet though.

I didn't do much today besides sleep. I did sign up for an ETSY account, so looking forward to doing more with that later.

I also got Photoshop installed on this computer finally. Thats a great thing!

From what I hear, there is a storm making its way towards us, bringing more snow! Crossing my fingers on this one... because that means maybe David can get to do some snow removal at his work and pick up some much needed cash.

I'm still waiting on my direct deposit from the IRS from my H&R Block efile tax return. I need it asap to catch back up on rent. Frank keeps asking if I got it yet, and we keep telling him its the IRS, its not like I can make them hurry lol.

On an update about a post I made a few days ago... (Idiots)
I did leave out someone else in the house roomie-wise who isn't an idiot and is pretty cool: Dan! I thought I would clear that up, as I would hate for him to think I don't like him. I do.. very much so!

Christina made dinner for everyone tonight. It was wayyyy Yummmy! She made homemade chicken strips and homemade thick cut fries. Perfect thing to wake up to after my nap, when I had my headache. Thanks Chris, you rock girl! Dinner really hit the spot. Also much thanks to her for picking up the list I made for when she went to the store. We don't have a car right now, so its difficult for us to get to the store to do shopping. Her and Kirk went to WalMart so I made her a small list of things I needed. Clover also thanks her because among the list was his favorite: Kibble N Bits!!! So now he will be a happy baby once more!

Well Like I said, slow day, not much happened. Off now to play some pogo or WoW for a bit. Maybe watch a movie with the hubby. Take Care all. Ill post again soon.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

La De Da.... ;)

   So Ive been in a depressed lazy mood, not feeling well at all lately and not doing much. I gotta get out of this slump. Tomorrow is Monday, so I'm going to set a few goals for the week and see where it goes from there. First of all, I'm going to try and post at least every other day to this blog, if not more. It helps me get things out of my head, and later it reminds me of things I may have forgotten. It also makes me see things in retrospect that I cant usually see at the time of posting, because its still so fresh, and full of emotions, etc...

Secondly I'm going to Paint more. I love art, and I love making it even more. It just seems that when I'm down in the dumps, or sick/hurting I tend to disregard that painting makes me feel better, and it gets laid to the side for a better day.  My goal is at least once a week I will paint something, anything, everything ;)

Third... well I want to take more photographs, so I want to pull out my  camera at least once a week if not more and snap a few shots. Ill post a few of the good ones to hehe

A few side notes to my goals I would also like to start working on: (in no particular order btw)
~Art/Posting for My Main DeviantArt Account
~Making Jewelery and Crafting (also setting up an etsy account and maybe selling my wares)
~Making some custom logos and banners for my blog, etc
~start putting together ideas, designs to build a website because I dig doing that kinda stuff
~Delve more into my creative abilities as a whole
~Try and Be Happy/ Less Stressed (This will be hardddddddddddddd)

Wish Me Luck Guys! I May Need Some Support!!!!

Also still no more news on my dad in the hospital, but when I know I will let you know for sure. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. BTW David is still laid off until March, and still no luck finding temp winter work so wish him luck and send us lots of prayers and thoughts for him, we really need it! Thanks!


My Dad

Well Thursday My dad went in for spinal Surgery. Him and my mom live back in Florida, where I just moved from 7 months ago. I don't get to talk to them much as I want to or should. My Mom called today to let me know how my dad is. He is still in the hospital. He was in the operation for 8 hours. The surgeon said his disks were cracked and cutting into his nerves, which in turn were cutting the circulation off in his legs, and if he didn't have the surgery he would end up in a wheel chair within less than a year, most likely less than six months.  The surgery itself went o.k we thought, but now he has been having really bad shakes throughout his entire body, much like Parkinson. They are getting way worse by the day. My mom can't seem to get a hold of his doctor or his surgeon to talk to them, to see what is causing this or if he will be o.k.  I'm hoping its just a reaction to maybe on of his meds he is on perhaps and if they change it or the dosage, the reaction will subside. So far we have no clue. I'm worried, and so is my mom.

Your Thoughts and Prayers would be much appreciated by me and my mom. I will let you know more when I know more, to keep you updated.



Most of my roommates are idiots. We have the basement apartment. This is a three story  old house in Pa. Whenever someone walks on the floor above the basement we hear them. So you would think they would do so with a little understanding that we are below them, instead... They are stomping around like a herd of elephants. Its not quite 5am yet... and they have been up 3 times stomping around in the last 2 hours, this last time (which was just now) Making enough noise to wake the whole house... not just me and David. Good thing I was already awake. Have some freaking consideration. The majority of them I dislike or merely tolerate, however Christina is cool, as is her son. I hope she stays awhile. Most people who move in here leave after a month or two because of Frank though... Go Figure lmao.........