Sunday, February 06, 2011

Freak Unique!

Good Morning Guys! I hope you are all well this fine and dandy day!
So here is the scoop. I have been a member of DeviantArt for a very long time. Active and Inactive on and off for years. When I first started my account I was married to Mike my now very ex-husband. I could not change my name on DA which by the way confuzzles me beyond belief. You would so think that they would give people the option to change the name associated with the account. Well anywho I got remarried as we all know by now to hubby dearest, aka David Ooley. So because I no longer want my art, or anything else for that matter associated with just Layden... I started a new account.

Anyways, I have not posted much yet, as I want it to be a fresh start for my art, so I won't be adding my art from my other account. If you want to see it, the links to both my New & Old accounts are to the right, under: ~Links Links Links~ section. Please check out my new account often to see my new pieces, and if your a D.A. Member please feel free to add me, or comment me. Thanks!!!

On another note, Christina & Heath are fighting again, and he had for Daniel bawling this morning. I had to step in and take him downstairs with me. Chris followed down, which was great... I didn't want her up there anyways. He was acting like a true A$$!!! He then proceeded to try and come to my door of my apartment screaming, being foul and then slamming my door. I feel for Chris and Dan, they do not deserve to be treated like that. Send them good thoughts today, they sure could use them.

Well I am off for now. Going to go play some pogo and eat a bowl of cocoa pebbles. Yum Yum!!!
Have a Spiffy day my freaks, geeks & dearies.

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