Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yay For Maya!

Hello, Hello all my favorite bloggy people! I hope you are all wonderful today.
My last post was one of my weekly weekend posts about my fave blogs. I featured one of my all time favorite blogs: maya*made. In my last post (feel free to go have a looksie) I had mentioned how Maya had been to busy to do an interview. I was checking replies and emails, and Maya gave me a heads up to go read her newest post at the time, as to why she didn't have the time. She posted a post on her blog: The big one. ( go read it, you know you want to)!!! Well ladies and gents... She is getting her book published!!! YAY *huge grins & Hugs*
So be sure to go check out her blog and read up on her success, and give her lots of hugs and support. We love you Maya!

Now to stuff in my life...
I just got a new laptop, (new to me that is) It's a Sony Vaio. I am hap-hap-happppy! This will make a lot of things in my life so much easier. It also allows hubby dearest to get much needed time on the computer when I usually am hogging it. ;)
I will be making some custom graphics this week for my blog, and some print work for my Etsy shop. If any of you would like some banners or graphics made for your blog or site, feel free to hit me up via comment or email! Email me at: DeviantlyMe@gmail.com
Also I told you last week how I had gotten the job at ChaCha, which is great becuase it is a great company, and it lets me work as little or as much as I want, and I set the time, even if its 5 mins at a time lol....
If anyone else is interested in a job with ChaCha, please email me, and we can talk. They are having a contest with us employees to see who can bring in the most new employees this month. I would love it if any of you would be interested. Just lemme know!

I also started a new painting a few days ago, so when its done I will post pictures. Somehow I got sidetracked on the one project I was planning, but I am sure to get back to it soon. I also recently took a whole bunch of new pictures so I could share with you, but for some reason the computer I am on now is not reading my memory card from my camera. This is weird... and I am trying to fix it asap. I tried it this morning on the new laptop, but the card is the wrong size... which has me really perplexed about this situation. I would just use the camera cord... but hubby dearest informed me yesterday that he can not find it right now. Hmmm... looks like I have some digging to do! *smiles*

Well I am off for now. I will be back soon! How have you all been? Be awesome and  please  read my post on Pay It Forward if you have not already. Comment to get in on it! Thanks and many many hugs to you all.
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