Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blogs I Love *Share Time* (maya*made)

Good Morning all you awesome people out in the Blogospere today. I hope you are all well. I am doing well, and am most excited to bring you the Second installment of the weekend post: *Share Time*!

This week I though I would do one of my very favorite blogs, and one I am sure most have you have read, or at least heard of. So My blog I love this week is maya*made, and the author of this most fantastic blog is of course Maya! She is not only a blogger, but an artist, with the flair for reinventing, reusing, and crafting some very truly great things. She also happens to be married with two beautiful children.

One of the things I love about Maya's Blog and of course Maya herself is when I read through her posts, I feel in-tune with all she is saying. She makes me smile inside and out. I myself have a tendency to hoard craft supplies, or be gifted/given many many  things by my family or friends, so when I saw a recent post the other day, I immediately could see the same thing in my life. Well except my mother does not sew. She recently posted how her mother had been Spring cleaning and gave her all of about a million sewing spools. I have things like this happen all the time, so it just made me laugh, however what she posted also included some pictures, and explained how her daughter had already started to use them as blocks, and formed the spools into tiny little tables for her felines tiny little Valentine tea party. So adorable and imaginative!
Check out her post & more of Maya's pictures by clicking this link!

That post in itself, made me also start to wonder about how when we were all little, and we had full blown imagination coursing through every vein, even every cell of our little bodies, running around inventing the perfect pastime, where it goes as we grow up. Some of us, like Maya keep most of it, as we grew into adulthood. It just saddens me a bit thinking just how much we may have lost. Well for those of us who kept as much as we could, I know we will create beautiful things for our beautiful world!

So I asked Maya a few days ago if I could include her Blog in my weekly segment, and I also asked if she had time, if I could do a short interview. Unfortunately she did not have the time right now for an interview, but I plan to ask her at a further time, if we could schedule one perhaps in a month or so when hopefully she has a bit more time on her hands. In any case, I was just happy she replied back to me, so she knew I was posting about her and her awesome blog.

Well of course as I was getting ready to write this today, I opened her blogs before hand, so I could copy some links to her pages, and read her newest entry: New phone and temp slip. This made me smile even more, because apparently we have, or I guess I should now say had, an issue with phones in common. Up until now she has used regular ole cell phones with no glitz, glamor or text messaging! Now she has finally caught up to most of the world and got an iPhone. Which leads me to think if Maya can do it... Maybe so can I? You have to go check out her post, as she has thrown together the most adorable green leather cover for the phone... and of course the blog post comes with the pic of it! YAY!!! Maybe if I do suck it up and ever go get an iPhone of my own, she could make me an uber awesome cover too! ;) I can always hope.. hehe.

O.k well I am almost done with my sharing for now, But since I have shared some of my favorite things over at maya*made, I also have to throw in a nice lil link to her Etsy Shop while I am at it. Be sure to go check out her blog & her shop. I promise, Maya is amazing and I know you will love her blog!

Until Next weeks *Share Time* bask in the Maya awesomeness... and I will see you later all you lovelies!

Thanks & Much Love,
P.S. Sorry I missed a week of *Share Time* but This last week or so I have been having some breathing problems, and have been not feeling good in general. Instead of whine on here, I used my inhaler, and tried my best to rest when I could. Muah!
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