Monday, February 07, 2011

Free Album!

So I was scoping some things out this morning, (Good Morning By the way) and came across by total accident:
Sister Hazel: 11411 [Amazon MP3 Exclusive] All 100% Free MP3's of the album! 11 songs in total. I downloaded them for Hubby Dearest, as he loves Sister Hazel! I figured I would share this with you, as I'm sure at least a few of you like Sister Hazel, or know someone who does and would love the free downloads! Gotta Love Free & Gotta Love Amazon! YaY!!!

I have been listening to a few of the songs I downloaded, and as of right now I am really liking #9: Firefly.

So then I started looking around and found alot of free albums and downloads from other bands. Here are a few to check out (in no particular order)
QuarterFly: Addiction
Projekt: afar
Rubix: Sunshine
Default: Turn It On
and alot more... if you wanna search some more yourself... I found it easiest to just look on of of the links above, and scroll down to the: Customers who bought this item section... and you will find alot of other free MP3 downloads of other bands/artists! Hope you enjoy. I always like free. I can't believe I never noticed the free albums/MP3's that Amazon has to offer. Wow!

Ok, Im off for a bit, will be back to post some more later, as well as work on my Etsy shop. Have a GREAT Day my friends! Also, what is your plans for Valentines Day this year? Lemme know in comments, as I'm in need of some ideas on how to surprise Hubby Dearest this year. Thanks!


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