Thursday, February 06, 2014

Valentines Day Gift Ideas 2/6/14

Hello my lovely  lovely blog readers. Valentines Day is fast approaching at warp speed so I have decided to start blogging some gift ideas that are sure to please that someone special in your life. I will be blogging these all the way through till Valentines day so be sure to check them out if your not quite sure what to get the love of your life... or even friends and family. Im sure you will love all the ideas.... I myself am taking advantage of them and I'm sure everyone will be pleasantly pleased. I will try to find ones that everyone can surely enjoy.

First on my list is one of my faves. I had to share this because it is one of my fave gifts I received from last Valentines Day. My hubby dearest chose to get me a year subscription to Glossy Box. That means every single month I get a wonderful delivered surprise box from Glossy Box with  5  amazing beauty items.

Right now they are running an AWESOME Promotion, so if you use this CODE: BELLA and you will also receive a FREE Lipstick when you sign up. That by itself is an $18 value... plus a freebie gift to throw in towards your Valentines gifting hehe. I love scoring freebies!

So here is the low down on Glossy Box.... first of all.... I ADORE the monthly boxes. Guys these are NOT sample size beauty and makeup products. They are high end FULL size products. They are great. The thing I LOVE most is that I get to try products that I may not have bought if I was choosing them myself, and I always love them.  Secondly the subscription price a month is cheap. You can pay month to month, or pay for a few months at a time or even pay a year at once. The price you pay for the subscription for the service is cheap but the products you get ALWAYS... and I mean ALWAYS end up being worth WAY more than what the subscription is monthly so you are saving a TON  of money on beauty products. Its a win win for everyone. You save money, You get Uber Awesome Surprises every single month and you look great for your lover.... not to mention if you get this as a Valentines Day gift they definitely know they scored a BIG WIN!

They even have a MENS Glossy Box! I have not received it in the mail yet, as I just ordered it today for my hubby to return the love. I just know he is going to love it. After all he deserves a little pampering to, right? hehe

Not only does Glossy Box make for a supreme Valentines Day Gift that keeps giving and giving every month but it makes a great gift for ANY occasion. Glossy Box would be great for Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. Its perfect for any gift for almost any person for any reason. 
Another thing I absolutely LOVE is that you can buy any item they offer from their boxes easily as a stand alone item for instance when I ran out of a totally lush lotion I adored that I received a few months back, I could easily go on the site and buy another bottle without searching all over for it. Made things super easy for me. We all have to admit, making things easier and faster is always a plus when we are all busy bees flitting around wishing there was an extra hour magically given to us every day.
So be sure to check out Glossy Box. I highly recommend them. I myself have not received a single item in the boxes that I did not totally enjoy... so they definitely have my seal of approval. 
I will be posting more Valentines Day Gift Ideas very soon so keep your eyes peeled. If you have any suggestions, ideas or comments.... As always be sure to let me know. I love hearing from all of you. It makes my day. I hope you have an Amazing day.