Thursday, November 12, 2015

App Love: WowApp

So HELLO My Blog Addicts, I have decided to add a new section to My blog dedicated to apps. Hence the App Love tittle. Here is the newest in App Love I am sharing with you all. 

WowApp - The Power of Sharing! 
Connect, communicate and contribute on all your favorite devices. You earn and can cash out for yourself, or donate your earnings to a ton of really great charities. It is a total Win/Win for all. I just joined myself and figured I would share with all My Blog Lovelies, so here is the link. Join Me my friends and be sure to drop Me a message saying hello.
It is available for all devices including PC/Laptop/Tablet/Smart Phones!

See you all soon My friends!

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DeviantlyMe, My Fallout Shelter's and Bluestacks...The Gamer Goddess Approves!!!

FALLOUT SHELTER: This game is addicting but I have quickly come to realize I kind of suck at it so far. My poor Vault Dwellers never seem to be happy lol. Poor people. In my three Vaults, I have managed to get two of the vaults to procreate so far haha. One is pregnant in one shelter. The other shelter My Dwellers have given birth twice. One female, One male and they are almost to the point of becoming mature adults. This game is a good time suck for sure. I spent about three hours tonight moving between my three shelters. I am truly glad they let you create more than one shelter to switch to because if it were only one, it would be boring. The only reason I say that is because sitting waiting to collect your resources would be boring. The game is fun and I see myself playing for a long time to come. It definitely makes time fly without realizing it. My rating below is for my current amount of game play time in, which is about right around 6 hours or so. If at a later point I rethink my current rating, I will or course post another rating/review. 

Fallout Shelter:
Fallout Shelter is a free-to-play mobile simulation video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, with assistance by Behavior Interactive, and published by Bethesda Softworks. 

I score this game: 4.5 out of 5 Stars. 

I play this game typically on My laptop via Bluestacks, instead of my cell. I am a PC/Laptop addict especially when it comes to gaming. Yes gamers... I am also saying I am TEAM PC Gamer instead of TEAM Console in the console wars lol. I know, I know... Hard to believe a PC Gamer Girl hehehe. Get over it. I will always choose PC Gaming over console gaming. That is not however saying that I don't enjoy Console gaming. I do, very much. I am a well rounded Gamer Goddess after all. ;)
I will say this and only this and then leave it at that... When it comes to the consoles war, My choice will always be Nintendo. Period. End of story. No changing my mind. That is a topic for another post however hahaha. 

If you don't already know what Bluestacks is, BlueStacks App Player lets you run mobile apps fast and fullscreen on Windows and Mac. It allows you to use the program to download and play Android apps/games on your PC/Laptop just like using the apps on your cell phones in a simple download and install and your quickly on your way to using all your fave apps on your PC/Laptop. I love this program. 
Check it out:

Then I decided to call it a night on My Fallout addiction, to turn to another guilty pleasure.... BINGO. I have downloaded about 5 different BINGO games/apps between playing on Bluestack and Windows app store via Windows 10. It is another huge time suck for Me. I think Bingo is calming to my soul for some reason. Whatever the is a huge favorite of mine. Only thing I love more in the world of gaming is my MMORPG's and RPG's. From WoW to ArchAge and beyond... I am a Gamer Addict, and I do not discriminate between genres hehehe. 

Well My lovely bloggy friends, I will see you again real soon. Feel free to spread My blog around. You know you wanna.  ;)

Goddess Tiffany
  Tiffany Gard-Ooley

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

YouTube, Etsy, Tutorial... Oh My!!!

I had to share this with you my bloggy friends. I hope you enjoy it and are as touched by them as I was.

I know I don't usually share YouTube vids on my blog, but from now on I think I will start sharing ones that I find amazing, beautiful, touching or useful. I will also be sharing crafting vids of mine, and others I have found useful off Youtube!

If you have never checked out OmarGoshTV on YouTube, I highly suggest it. He is good for many laughs with his pranks. He also has a few amazing videos where he helps people such as the one above. Go check out his channel and subscribe! I just found him today and I had to subscribe.


As an update, I am currently working on a new line of beautiful hand beaded cuffs for my store as well as working on launching my own Store Website for Freak Unique Designs. As for my Etsy shop.... I know it is bare at the moment. That is because I am redoing it all, and adding all new products to it as well. It will be relaunched very soon. I will be keeping my Etsy shop even though I will be running my own website storefront making it double easy for you to own a Freak Unique Designs Original. I think you will all be pleasantly surprised by all the changes in the works. It will be ready very soon.... I promise. That is why I have not been very active on the blog. Time seems to be my enemy at times.

Another reason my blog has been slow is because I moved my father from Florida up here to Pittsburgh so I can take care of him. He has Alzheimer's and Dementia along with bad heart problems. I have been taking my time trying to make sure he his comfortable here and getting him acclimated to his new home.

I will have a tutorial up soon on how to make hand beaded cuffs from scratch. I am making the tutorial as I work on my newest cuff. Once I'm done with the cuff and tutorial... You will be the first to know and see it HERE!!!

Hope everyone is well. The thought I would like to leave for you all today is:

Lets all pass on a little kindness everyday, to make the world a better, more beautiful and loving place for us all!

Love You ALL!!!!


Monday, March 03, 2014

New Tablet!

OK guys, I need to first apologize for the lack of recent posts. As most of you already know I have been battling quite a few health problems. My biggest being uterine cancer. With all thats going on, it takes me away from my computer a lot. Well I have great news I have to share with you all.... drum roll please ;)

Hubby dearest bought me a super AWESOME Tablet!!!!!!  I adore it so much. I will be doing an official review of the tablet real soon, so keep your eyes peeled. This tablet now allows me to blog from anywhere. Be it at home in my recliner on days i'm not feeling well, on the go ANYWHERE, or even at the hospital. That means I will no longer fall behind on my blog posts.

Right now i'm downloading a few different blogger apps to see which one works best for me. Once I find the perfect fit, ill be posting a review of all the apps, for all of my fellow bloggers out there.

Well guys, I'm so happy to be back and posting. I hope you are all well. As always if you have any questions, suggestions or comments please feel free to get in touch in the comments section below any of my posts or by email at:

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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Valentines Day Gift Ideas 2/6/14

Hello my lovely  lovely blog readers. Valentines Day is fast approaching at warp speed so I have decided to start blogging some gift ideas that are sure to please that someone special in your life. I will be blogging these all the way through till Valentines day so be sure to check them out if your not quite sure what to get the love of your life... or even friends and family. Im sure you will love all the ideas.... I myself am taking advantage of them and I'm sure everyone will be pleasantly pleased. I will try to find ones that everyone can surely enjoy.

First on my list is one of my faves. I had to share this because it is one of my fave gifts I received from last Valentines Day. My hubby dearest chose to get me a year subscription to Glossy Box. That means every single month I get a wonderful delivered surprise box from Glossy Box with  5  amazing beauty items.

Right now they are running an AWESOME Promotion, so if you use this CODE: BELLA and you will also receive a FREE Lipstick when you sign up. That by itself is an $18 value... plus a freebie gift to throw in towards your Valentines gifting hehe. I love scoring freebies!

So here is the low down on Glossy Box.... first of all.... I ADORE the monthly boxes. Guys these are NOT sample size beauty and makeup products. They are high end FULL size products. They are great. The thing I LOVE most is that I get to try products that I may not have bought if I was choosing them myself, and I always love them.  Secondly the subscription price a month is cheap. You can pay month to month, or pay for a few months at a time or even pay a year at once. The price you pay for the subscription for the service is cheap but the products you get ALWAYS... and I mean ALWAYS end up being worth WAY more than what the subscription is monthly so you are saving a TON  of money on beauty products. Its a win win for everyone. You save money, You get Uber Awesome Surprises every single month and you look great for your lover.... not to mention if you get this as a Valentines Day gift they definitely know they scored a BIG WIN!

They even have a MENS Glossy Box! I have not received it in the mail yet, as I just ordered it today for my hubby to return the love. I just know he is going to love it. After all he deserves a little pampering to, right? hehe

Not only does Glossy Box make for a supreme Valentines Day Gift that keeps giving and giving every month but it makes a great gift for ANY occasion. Glossy Box would be great for Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. Its perfect for any gift for almost any person for any reason. 
Another thing I absolutely LOVE is that you can buy any item they offer from their boxes easily as a stand alone item for instance when I ran out of a totally lush lotion I adored that I received a few months back, I could easily go on the site and buy another bottle without searching all over for it. Made things super easy for me. We all have to admit, making things easier and faster is always a plus when we are all busy bees flitting around wishing there was an extra hour magically given to us every day.
So be sure to check out Glossy Box. I highly recommend them. I myself have not received a single item in the boxes that I did not totally enjoy... so they definitely have my seal of approval. 
I will be posting more Valentines Day Gift Ideas very soon so keep your eyes peeled. If you have any suggestions, ideas or comments.... As always be sure to let me know. I love hearing from all of you. It makes my day. I hope you have an Amazing day.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Freebie Deal Of The Day: 1/11/2014

Kotex has several sample packs to choose from, so you can choose which ones work best for you!

Ill be keeping an eye out for more samples and freebies. I usually only post good ones I find, rather than any ole crappy one. Let me know what your interested in, and Ill try and post more that fit your needs.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

New Year, New Start

Well hello all my lovelies. Happy belated NEW YEAR! Hope this new year is finding you well, and exciting things happen for us all this year. I was away from the blog for a long time dealing with some health issues in my life. Mainly my cancer.

With that said, I will be resuming my blogging once more. This is after all a new year and a new fresh start for us all. I do apologize for just being absent without telling you why however things will be better from this point on.

Here is to a very special 2014!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Freebie Deal Of The Day: 2/5/13

Kmart has a small list of free samples up for you. Be sure to check out what they have to offer.


Free 30 Day Trial: Contact Lenses: