Sunday, August 20, 2006

YES ?!?!

Sometimes Love is very Hard.
Love Can at Times Cause Much Pain.
True Love Can Last Forever.
True Pain Can Become Eternity.
When Your Love Starts To Hurt,
You Cannot Always Back Away.
Even if it hurts others, It was Meant to be.
Can one Love two?
I Know This to Ring Very True.
True in The Heart, In The Soul,
& In The Deepest Depths of my Innards.
Inside Ones Skull, Things Tend to Churn.
Spin, Shred, Compress & Meld.
Your Heart's Ear listens to Every Single Sound.
It begins to Twinge, and react... Then comes the release.
Release of Happy, Release of Shame, Release of Bliss,
Release of Anger, Release of Excitment, Release of Paranoid...
and tendancies follow...usually very very closely.
You Have Very High Ups and Very Low Downs.
Do you Question This Love of the Two?
Maybe of one of them? Maybe of Both?
Or is it all YOU?
i do love YOU
I Do Love you
This Kiss of us Three Shall Last Us Our Entirety!
At Least Whats Left!
By: Tiffany D. Layden
August, 20th 2006