Thursday, November 12, 2015

App Love: WowApp

So HELLO My Blog Addicts, I have decided to add a new section to My blog dedicated to apps. Hence the App Love tittle. Here is the newest in App Love I am sharing with you all. 

WowApp - The Power of Sharing! 
Connect, communicate and contribute on all your favorite devices. You earn and can cash out for yourself, or donate your earnings to a ton of really great charities. It is a total Win/Win for all. I just joined myself and figured I would share with all My Blog Lovelies, so here is the link. Join Me my friends and be sure to drop Me a message saying hello.
It is available for all devices including PC/Laptop/Tablet/Smart Phones!

See you all soon My friends!

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DeviantlyMe, My Fallout Shelter's and Bluestacks...The Gamer Goddess Approves!!!

FALLOUT SHELTER: This game is addicting but I have quickly come to realize I kind of suck at it so far. My poor Vault Dwellers never seem to be happy lol. Poor people. In my three Vaults, I have managed to get two of the vaults to procreate so far haha. One is pregnant in one shelter. The other shelter My Dwellers have given birth twice. One female, One male and they are almost to the point of becoming mature adults. This game is a good time suck for sure. I spent about three hours tonight moving between my three shelters. I am truly glad they let you create more than one shelter to switch to because if it were only one, it would be boring. The only reason I say that is because sitting waiting to collect your resources would be boring. The game is fun and I see myself playing for a long time to come. It definitely makes time fly without realizing it. My rating below is for my current amount of game play time in, which is about right around 6 hours or so. If at a later point I rethink my current rating, I will or course post another rating/review. 

Fallout Shelter:
Fallout Shelter is a free-to-play mobile simulation video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, with assistance by Behavior Interactive, and published by Bethesda Softworks. 

I score this game: 4.5 out of 5 Stars. 

I play this game typically on My laptop via Bluestacks, instead of my cell. I am a PC/Laptop addict especially when it comes to gaming. Yes gamers... I am also saying I am TEAM PC Gamer instead of TEAM Console in the console wars lol. I know, I know... Hard to believe a PC Gamer Girl hehehe. Get over it. I will always choose PC Gaming over console gaming. That is not however saying that I don't enjoy Console gaming. I do, very much. I am a well rounded Gamer Goddess after all. ;)
I will say this and only this and then leave it at that... When it comes to the consoles war, My choice will always be Nintendo. Period. End of story. No changing my mind. That is a topic for another post however hahaha. 

If you don't already know what Bluestacks is, BlueStacks App Player lets you run mobile apps fast and fullscreen on Windows and Mac. It allows you to use the program to download and play Android apps/games on your PC/Laptop just like using the apps on your cell phones in a simple download and install and your quickly on your way to using all your fave apps on your PC/Laptop. I love this program. 
Check it out:

Then I decided to call it a night on My Fallout addiction, to turn to another guilty pleasure.... BINGO. I have downloaded about 5 different BINGO games/apps between playing on Bluestack and Windows app store via Windows 10. It is another huge time suck for Me. I think Bingo is calming to my soul for some reason. Whatever the is a huge favorite of mine. Only thing I love more in the world of gaming is my MMORPG's and RPG's. From WoW to ArchAge and beyond... I am a Gamer Addict, and I do not discriminate between genres hehehe. 

Well My lovely bloggy friends, I will see you again real soon. Feel free to spread My blog around. You know you wanna.  ;)

Goddess Tiffany
  Tiffany Gard-Ooley

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