Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Red Elephant!

Hello, Hello all you awesome people in the blogosphere! I hope today finds you all well.
I was surfing the net, and decided to check out whats new and catches my eye on
and came across the most Awesome Red Elephant ever!!!

This is the Vitra - Eames Children's Elephant by Charles and Ray Eames! I not only think this so majorly adorable, but functional and neice & nefew would love this. I think I would become the most favorite aunt in the world to them! ;)  I can also admit that even though I have no children who live with me, I would so put this in my house to enjoy the awesomeness of the Red Elephant! I don't think hubby dearest would mind either.  :)  So if you fell in love with this like I did, be sure to check out the links above.

On another note, We went grocery shopping today. Stocked up for the week, and decided to make Hamburgers on our foreman grill. I was thinking... when you guys make cheeseburgers... what type of cheese do you use? I personally love a slice of provolone cheese on mine, on a nice toasted roll. I add a little mayo, and Heinz 57 and Yummmmmmmm!!! I pair it with a handful of Baked Lays and Boom, super simple yummy quick dinner. I sometimes pair the burgers with tots or fries, coleslaw or salad. What do you guys do?

Well I am off to get some badges on Pogo. I will post more soon guys. Have a wonderful week!


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