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The Write Way advertising is available to anyone with a Family Friendly blog, or other online site.  New posts are often  Facebooked and pinned to Pinterest, which generates more exposure as well.  

The blog is a collection of tips, tricks, tutorials and how-tos on a wide variety of subjects.  Readers/Subscribers/Fans can search for tutorials on a particular subject by using the search box, or clicking on a label which is super easy . 

Your ad will be placed in the right hand column of the blog, and I rotate the order weekly with the ad you have  chosen.  You supply the ad. Ads will be billed through Paypal or Money Order. 

  • $10 for 1 month
  • $28 for 3 months
  • $55 for 6 months
  • OR products which will also be reviewed. Or possibly an Ad exchange on your site. 
  • Your ad period begins on the 1st of every month and is up for the entire month.  Along with becoming a sponsor, your logo and information about your shop will be posted on the sidebar. You may also  host a giveaway, and/or offer a discount coupon.

    If you are ready to place your ad, or have any questions, email me at
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