Monday, April 18, 2011

News & Updates!

Hi all my bloggy friends! My apologies for being absent for so long. There have been a lot of things going on in my life lately that have not allowed me to be online. I should be able to be on more very very soon. First I was very sick. Severe lung infection and bronchitis is how it started. As some of you may know by earlier posts I (was) living in a basement apartment on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. Well I have never rented a basement apartment before. In fact until I moved up here from Florida, I had never even been in a basement before. Well as any of you most likely know who do have basements, or have been in one before... They have drains in the floor. They are there in case you basement floods I believe. Well a landlord is suppose to put drain caps on the drains if he is to rent out a basement as a living area and mine did not. Well long story short, the drains started overflowing for some reason, and was flooding all over again, as this wasn't the first time its happened in the time I have lived there. This time it was bad. Sewage was coming up out of the drain in my bedroom right at the foot of my bed. It flooded the carpet we bought and installed and ruined it. The worst is the fact that my landlord lives upstairs, and we notified him as soon as it began to happen. He waited nearly a week before he did anything. Forcing us to not use our bedroom, so we slept in our living room. Me in the recliner and hubby on the sofa. We were breathing in raw sewage for almost an entire week (while I was sick, or perhaps thats what made me get the lung infection in the first place)! Then when he got his son to come over with a rented snake to snake the drains in the basement, they left the mess for me and David to clean. There was literal poo all over. It was disgusting.
Then to top off this wonderful living situation my landlords dog missy had been for the past few weeks attacking my dog Clover. Clover is a big big baby, and would never hurt a fly. She put several gashes in his ear, as well as got him on his face, less than an inch from his eye. He is ok now, Thankfully. Well Friday is when my husband went upstairs to pay rent. When he went up out of our apartment he let clover outside to potty in the yard, then let him back in. As David walks over to Frank my landlord... his dog attacks Clover again, right at Frank's feet basically. Instead of stopping his dog, or seeing if Clover was ok, he just starts yelling at David to pay him the rent. David told him "I'm tired of your dog attacking mine". All Frank kept yelling was give me the money, so David told him no, I'm done with the crap in this house, I'm done with my dog getting hurt, I am tired of you harassing us, I'm tired of you treating us like garbage when we pay $500 a month to live in a basement. Frank proceeded to threaten my husband. I was downstairs sleeping when all this happened. I awoke to Clover jumping on me trying to hide because he was so scarred. Then I heard Frank yelling and beating on our door to get out. I got out of bed and told him if he had a problem call the police, because I was pressing charges against him for his dog attacking mine. Well needless to say The cop came 5 mins later, and told us since we had no lease, if Frank wanted us out, we had to leave. The officer gave us 5 mins to grab our stuff and get out. I was stunned. The officer wouldn't even really talk to us. We grabbed a few clothes, the laptop and Clover before he was telling us our time was up, then made us leave. We went and stayed at a motel Friday night, and are in the process of moving into a house all this week. What makes me the maddest is all my stuff is still there, and Frank is saying I can't get my belongings. My cat and rabbit are there as well. Christina who was our roommate who lived upstairs is watching them for me till I can move them into my new house this Friday. From everyone we have talked to since about this has told me what Frank, and the officer did was illegal. In This county in Pennsylvania you have to legally evict someone through the magistrate. Making us leave on the spot within 5 mins is illegal. If this indeed is true I intend to sue! Not only that but Christina called me last night telling me he has since rented out our apartment to a new couple who were moving in last night, with all our stuff. Nobody has the right to use my belongings. We own them, nobody wouldn't that be the same as stealing? This whole situation is fishy... and I intend to fix it... I will see all involved in court! Nobody better be taking my things or going through them. For goodness sakes we just put over $200 in groceries down there in our deep freezer and fridge. They do not have a right to help themselves to my food. What gets me most is the Chief of Police of Cheswick is who responded and kicked us out... who also happens to have went to school and grew up with Frank. I don't know if that had anything to do with it or not, but I know what happened is very very wrong. Thankfully we found a house for rent that the landlord is willing to let us pay the deposit in two installments, or we would have been in major trouble without a place to live.

To be honest though, I think things happen for a reason. We didn't want to continue living there much longer anyways. Frank was always harassing us and treating us like garbage. He would enter our apartment without notice, most of the time without even knocking. He was so lazy he wouldn't wash his own clothes, so he would throw them down the steps of the basement in a bag, and slam the door without saying anything, not even "could you wash these" nor a thanks. We would wash them, which usually was about 2 to 3 loads worth, bag them up and deliver them to his bedroom on the top floor of the house. He treated us like maids without even a thanks.

Also when we moved in almost a year ago, besides Me and David, There were only 3 other people living in the house. Its a 4 bedroom house. All the bedrooms are upstairs on the Second floor. Now there are Frank in his room. Kirk in his room. Christina & Heath in there room. James in the final bedroom. It does not stop there though. Besides the fact we rented the entire basement appartment... There is also Eddie who rents out the hall CLOSET on the second floor, its just big enough of a closet to put a cot in it. Then On the main floor... he has stuck a twin bed in the den, and rented out half of that side to a 23 year old named Mike, then partitioned off the other half of the den with 2 cabinets and cardboard and made a tiny little area big enough for another twin bed and rents it out to some couple who moved in like 2 weeks ago. They also seem to have a drug habit and leave needles laying on the ground, because Heath stepped on one. THEN... He has the back porch rented out with one side of it to Dan, and then the other side of the porch has a couch that he rents out to some drunk guy who pee's on the furniture when he is drunk. At one point he had the one couple who are in the den, renting the couch in the freaking dining room, and where they are renting now was rented to some guy named ottis, but he got kicked out last week for some reason and they switched to his bed instead of the couch. Then I have now been told he has rented out our basement apartment to a new couple now. On top of that Christina told me they are renting only half the basement... he is going to rent the other side out to. He is money hungry... and I can't stand him. If I knew who he was and what it was going to be like there, I would have never moved in to begin with. Its sickening what he gets away with. We have caught him doing & selling drugs out of the house. In fact about 2 months after we moved in, the Police came and did a drug bust on him. He's out on bail and awaiting trial for that. It was a nightmare living there. I was ashamed to call it home. Our only solace was in the fact we had our own apartment separate from everyone else. That is, when people were not coming down without knocking constantly.

Enough is enough... and something has to be done about what he has done, and is getting away with. When the law seems to look the other way for him... he thinks he is God. No man is God.

Anyways sorry for ranting. Thats whats kept me away from my blog for so long. I will be back very soon. In the meantime, if anyone has any advice for me on these matters please feel free to comment. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!!!