Thursday, February 03, 2011

Tax Time

So I filed David & I's taxes with H&R Block this year. Instead of doing rapid refund, like me and Mike (My ex-husband) always did, We instead filed a simple return via efile on the website. We are not getting that much back this year, but something is better than nothing, right? :)
Anyways, I checked the website and the IRS site and it says my payment is scheduled to be deposited on the 4th. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, we need that money badly.

I have also decided to keep logs in my blog for daily/monthly stuff. Its inane stuff that nobody but me will care about. So if at the end of a blog, there is a bunch of letters/numbers... just ignore it... Thats my way of charting stuff for future reference. Thanks!

Hubby has been stuck on a resident evil kick, playing code veronica... so my background sounds at all time behind me is zombies moaning. The sad thing is, I'm starting to get used to it lol.

I tried to call my mom yesterday, at her house and Granny's, but no answer. That means still no updates on my dad. I figured she would see I called on the caller ID and call me back this morning... but guess she has been super busy. I hope she is o.k to, not to stressed.!

Well not much else to say today... it was mundane and not a bit unusual lol
I will post more later. Take care guys!


(b/stoped/Started 3rd. Lasted 3h)
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