Friday, February 04, 2011

Yay For Tax Returns!

So as I said last blog post, I was scheduled for direct deposit on the 4th from the IRS for my tax refund, and sure enough, it came on time. YAY *Big Smiles*
So caught up some on stuff. Paid Frank $300. Did the usual kibbles n bits, cat food pick up to top off the animals, as they come first, as always. David picked up a couple of pizza's for supper & of course stocked up on my pepsi. I'm a huge soda freak... have to have my caffeine.

Thats one thing I have to get used to living in Pa. I'm used to calling Pepsi/Coke etc: SODA! Up north everyone says: POP! I am slowly getting used to it. At first I will admit, I was a little bugged, but now I find myself saying it at time. *smirks*

Another thing that confuses me is the term: Neb or Nebby, neb nosed... etc!
I was like huh, what? WTF???
Northerners say those terms instead of Nosey. For example, My neighbor is being nosey about my trash cans outside.
They would say: My neighbor is being nebby about my trash cans. OR: My neb-nosed neighbor is at it again about our trash cans outside.
WEIRD right??? It is to me. I like it though. I had just never heard it until I moved to Pa. The first people I heard say it was Jaime and Amanda. Christina said it the other day to. I just find it curious is all I guess!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Right before I woke up today, David was here at the computer and Christina came down to tell us she was leaving today. Leaving as in MOVING out!!! David didn't think to wake me up I guess. I got up like 15 min later and she was already gone. I have no idea where she moved to. She told David she would call us when she gets a chance next week. I didn't even get to say goodbye.  I really liked her. It sucks she left. I told you guys though, nobody sticks around in this house very long!

Well anyways, I guess when Heath got home, he found out she left. Heath was her boyfriend. They moved in here together like a month ago or less. They have been having problems, she didn't like it here, I know that. Well I guess she didn't tell heath she was leaving. I guess she came down to us first, then up to franks room and then left. When he got home, I guess Frank told him, then he came down here asking what she said. I helped her file her taxes on H&R blocks site via efile. She does not have a bank account, and neither do we, but I have my visa that can get direct deposit, so I let her get hers deposited on mine like we did for our taxes.   We needless to say, she made the mistake of telling frank. One of the things Heath asked was about the money. She told David before she left, she would call us next week and get up with us to get her money, minus the $50 she owes us for selling her our DS and games for her son. Which of course is not a problem... EXCEPT Heath said tonight: When the money gets deposited give it to him, not Christina!!! Now that does NOT sit right for me. Its her money, her taxes. She is my friend! Now the problem is if I give it her, then Heath and Frank get on my ass about shit. Which I can't deal with. If I give it to him, its just plain wrong, plus illegal. What am I suppose to do??? I hate being in the middle! That just means I have to get creative! I have to find a way to talk to her before either the money comes or they find out its here, and find a way to get myself out of the middle at the same time as doing the right thing and giving her the money she is owed! Its her taxes.... not his, she earned them! Now I'm starting to see why she left him maybe!!!

Ok enough from me today. Ill talk to you soon. BTW no updates on my dad. Take Care guys!


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