Saturday, February 05, 2011

Chris is back!

So I woke to find Christina and her son Daniel on my couch watching underworld with David today. I was happy to see she came to visit, BUT GUESS WHAT? She is back. At least for now, but maybe for good. We will have to see.

DAD Update!!!!
Finally after days and days of trying to get a hold of my mom to no avail, I decided to look up the hospitals number in Florida on google. I was not even sure what hospital he was in, or if he was even in the hospital anymore. I called the first one that came to my head. I guess I hit the nail on the head, because when I asked the receptionist if they Had a Mr. Gard as a patient, she said: I will connect you to his room miss.
My mom answered, and of course I burst in with why the hell have you not called me back? I have been so worried. Why is dad still in the hospital, its been over a week, more like almost 2 weeks. Whats going on???
I freaked out to say the least, at the same time feeling relieved that I at least got to speak to one of them.
I got to talk to both of them. Apparently he has had a few blood transfusions and is extremely anemic. The shaking has not gotten any better. He is really really bad off and they don't know why. The only good news I got out of all of this is knowing he is alive. I'm still worried, but I do have the room number now to call everyday to check in. Please keep your thoughts and prayers with him if you can, he really needs them! Thanks so much!

On another note, I applied for 2 work at home jobs today. One was the KGB, you know the one place you can text any question to and they text back the answer. The other was ChaCha which is basically the same thing, but its a free service to the people asking the questions. I passed the first test on KGB to become an agent, and will know back more in a week or so. Ill be waiting back on ChaCha for a few days to. WIsh me luck guys!!!
I can't work due to several illnesses. I can't be a cna anymore, nor can I sit at a desk for extended periods of time, or on my feet. This work at home, I can do a little at a time and take breaks. It may be exactly what I need!!!

More later my lovelies!
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