Sunday, February 06, 2011

A Rose...

I told you the other day, that one of my goals to get myself out of the crappy mood I have been in lately is to settup an ETSY shop. I signed up for ETSY, and am well on my way to opening my shop! YAY

Well after I posted *Share Time* below, I decided to dig around a little at the many wonderful shops on etsy. I was just window shopping, or monitor shopping so to speak when I came across a ring I am soooooo in love with. I had to share it with you!

asecondtime's shop has so many wonderful things to fall in love with. It was hard to pick one, but this is a piece of jewelry I would wear everyday, so it was the choice for me. I could literally drool over almost everything in the shop though. *huge grin*
So be sure to go check out the shop, and the stunning Steampunk Rose Ring! Isn't it sooo Yummy!!! I so have a guilty obsession with silver jewelery. Not to mention asecondtime's shop/designs are Eco-friendly! How awesome is that?

This Steampunk Necklace:-wonderland- Is also one of my favorites. I will def have to get hubby dearest to add these to the list of possible valentines day gifts. hehe ;) I would be so lucky to get one of these as a gift, as would any lucky girl! I hope you enjoy seeing these as much as I do!

Ok More to come later! Take care! Peace and Beauty and Art to All...


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