Saturday, November 03, 2012

New Project

Hi guys, Im just having a really good week.
I started a new project... Its needlepoint clutch purse. It will also have some hand beading done on it. Its all custom and I think it will be very cute when I'm finished with it. I'm making it for sale on ETSY, however I love it so much it will be tempting to keep it for myself. Its all red, with white accents, and a red and white star. I have not chosen what will accent the front snap buttons yet... but it has to be really cute. Any ideas?

Talk to you more soon, Im off to relax after a long day of shopping @ Target, and other places. They have some good  deals at Target right check em out if your looking for some clearance bargains. I'm off to play some wow and relax now. Have a wicked day friends!
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