Friday, November 23, 2012

New Project:Shoulder Bag

Recently Purchased The Darice Spring Tension Hoop as shown below to work on some intricate bead work I'm doing on some flowers, on my current project. I'm making a cute shoulder bag, and doing the bead work without the hoop would have been almost impossible. I got a really great deal, as show below... and it just arrived today. I love it. Its small and the tension is perfect for what I am working with. Its super easy to use, as I have never needed to use one until now... but I thought it would be tricky! Guess again... super duper easy. A great purchase that will aide me in many craft projects I'm sure.

Here is the fabric I'm working with (with hoop already on) as I'm beading the stems of all the flowers with green seed beads, before I begin sewing the bag. Right here is just raw material with a few beads sewn already. Wish me luck. I'm in love with the Fabric. I found it by an ad on Craigslist. I got a huge, I mean HUGE garbage bag of all sorts of fabric all for FREE. Gotta love FREE guys! I sure do. (Sorry its a little blurry folks, I think I need a new camera very soon.)

Ill post more pics when I'm done with the projects. Perhaps a tutorial if I have some free time to do so in between.

Happy Holidays and much Love from me and mine to all of Yours!
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