Thursday, November 29, 2012

Needlepoint Clutch Bag Project

Hi guys... a lil while ago I posted that I stated a new project. It was a Needlepoint Clutch Bag. I bought a few of the plastic canvas clutch's to work with. I plan to sell them on my Etsy store: Freak Unique Designs. I am over half way done.

This is what I bought. They work wonderful and are easy to work with. As plastic canvas goes, these were very cheap to buy off Amazon. Check them out:

Here is a  pic of the Clutch as a work in progress:    (Click to make pic larger.)

When I am done, It will have a polymer Clay designed Large Button Clasp. I am also thinking of doing some hand beading on the front around the white square. What do you think? I will post  the finished project when I am done. It will also be in my Etsy store for sale. I highly recommend buying your own to work with. The needlepoint design can be simple like mine or very complex. The project design can be up to you, but the possibilities are endless...and the clutch will be stunning when done. It is super easy and fun to work with!

Hope your all having a wonderful Holiday Season.

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