Monday, January 31, 2011

Jan. 31rst

O.k So no new updates on my dad in the hospital so far. Thats neither bad nor good, but at least he is not getting worse. I on the other hand still feeling like crap on a stick. I also found a really hard lump on the back of my neck, and my neck has been killing me. Not sure what to do about it yet though.

I didn't do much today besides sleep. I did sign up for an ETSY account, so looking forward to doing more with that later.

I also got Photoshop installed on this computer finally. Thats a great thing!

From what I hear, there is a storm making its way towards us, bringing more snow! Crossing my fingers on this one... because that means maybe David can get to do some snow removal at his work and pick up some much needed cash.

I'm still waiting on my direct deposit from the IRS from my H&R Block efile tax return. I need it asap to catch back up on rent. Frank keeps asking if I got it yet, and we keep telling him its the IRS, its not like I can make them hurry lol.

On an update about a post I made a few days ago... (Idiots)
I did leave out someone else in the house roomie-wise who isn't an idiot and is pretty cool: Dan! I thought I would clear that up, as I would hate for him to think I don't like him. I do.. very much so!

Christina made dinner for everyone tonight. It was wayyyy Yummmy! She made homemade chicken strips and homemade thick cut fries. Perfect thing to wake up to after my nap, when I had my headache. Thanks Chris, you rock girl! Dinner really hit the spot. Also much thanks to her for picking up the list I made for when she went to the store. We don't have a car right now, so its difficult for us to get to the store to do shopping. Her and Kirk went to WalMart so I made her a small list of things I needed. Clover also thanks her because among the list was his favorite: Kibble N Bits!!! So now he will be a happy baby once more!

Well Like I said, slow day, not much happened. Off now to play some pogo or WoW for a bit. Maybe watch a movie with the hubby. Take Care all. Ill post again soon.

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