Sunday, January 30, 2011

La De Da.... ;)

   So Ive been in a depressed lazy mood, not feeling well at all lately and not doing much. I gotta get out of this slump. Tomorrow is Monday, so I'm going to set a few goals for the week and see where it goes from there. First of all, I'm going to try and post at least every other day to this blog, if not more. It helps me get things out of my head, and later it reminds me of things I may have forgotten. It also makes me see things in retrospect that I cant usually see at the time of posting, because its still so fresh, and full of emotions, etc...

Secondly I'm going to Paint more. I love art, and I love making it even more. It just seems that when I'm down in the dumps, or sick/hurting I tend to disregard that painting makes me feel better, and it gets laid to the side for a better day.  My goal is at least once a week I will paint something, anything, everything ;)

Third... well I want to take more photographs, so I want to pull out my  camera at least once a week if not more and snap a few shots. Ill post a few of the good ones to hehe

A few side notes to my goals I would also like to start working on: (in no particular order btw)
~Art/Posting for My Main DeviantArt Account
~Making Jewelery and Crafting (also setting up an etsy account and maybe selling my wares)
~Making some custom logos and banners for my blog, etc
~start putting together ideas, designs to build a website because I dig doing that kinda stuff
~Delve more into my creative abilities as a whole
~Try and Be Happy/ Less Stressed (This will be hardddddddddddddd)

Wish Me Luck Guys! I May Need Some Support!!!!

Also still no more news on my dad in the hospital, but when I know I will let you know for sure. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. BTW David is still laid off until March, and still no luck finding temp winter work so wish him luck and send us lots of prayers and thoughts for him, we really need it! Thanks!

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