Tuesday, October 02, 2012

David's Birthday

Well today was a good day. The 2nd was David's 24th Birthday. We had a ton of fun. My best friend Meridith came over. We had pizza and cal-zone, along with cake. It was a butter yellow cake with whipped Hershey chocolate frosting. Yummmmmy.

We also had a fire outside in  the backyard fire pit. Made some super delish smores. After all the food, we all watched the  movie "Cabin in the Woods. Me and David watched it last week and loved it, so we re-watched it with Meridith. I'm pretty sure she dug it as much as we did.

Meridith got him a Manson T-Shirt, and I got him a new computer desk. He also got a new mouse today for his computer, A.K.A the Beast hehe.  I'm pretty darn sure he ha s an awesome Birthday.  As we speak he is done putting the new desk together, and is setting up all his computer hardware.

I had another great day as well. Hopefully tomorrow follows suit.
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