Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Hate Moving!!

Hmm let me see, updatewise, I figured I would let you know how my dad is doing since his heart procedure. He is recovering well. He came home the day after. He needs to take it easy for a while, but is doing as well as he can. He will have to have another procedure/surgury soon on his legs, but they needed to do the heart first. He has blockages in both his legs, so when I know more I will let you know. Thanks for anyone who sent well wishes, thoughts and prayers. Much appreciated!

Now Im a stressed out mess about moving. We have been saying for weeks that we needed to start packing... but we put it off till the last minuit. We have to be all moved out By midnight June 1rst... its now 5/31/09 @ 6:49 and we have 8 or 9 boxes packed! I hate moving... packing and unpacking and cleaning all suck the good part of moving away! I think both David and I will be happier after we move but since we are moving from our own place, into his mothers house, you can see why that will be a stress all on its own. We will be there to help her out and get the house back into shape, but its less privacy and hopefully we make this a short stay until we get our own house.

The worst part is Kathy (David's Sister) & Raymond (Kathys Man) were living with Evelyn (Davids Mom) the last 7 monthes, and were suppose to be moved out of Evelyns by the first of June, for us to move in. However due to the permits not being approved on the new Mobile Home they bought and it having to be set up and all that jazz when we move in tommorrow, they will still be there, along with their 3 yappy ass dogs, which will also include David's dog Trixxie & Our dog Clover. That spells out disaster with one hell of a "Wuff" & a snarl! Not to mention David, Me, Evelyn, Kathy & Raymond under one roof, (a leaking roof at that) I will be surprised if one, or all of us do not end up in blood shed lol.

Kathy & Raymond get on my nerves soooo bad. They are like a tick burrowed under the skin on my ass cheek... annoying & it hurts while they are there, and also painful to get rid of . In fact I would love to squash em like a tick to! They do nothing but use people, esp Evelyn, and act like they are better than anyone else. Lets just hope and pray the permit goes through asap, and they move out within the upcoming week. That will make Tiffy a very Happy Panda!!!

OK enough for now, gotta pack some, and also watch the last of the 3 movies we rented before they need to be returned tonight. Next time I post I will tell you about the movies and stuff if I can.

Huggles to all you beautiful freaks & geeks reading! MUAH!!!
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