Tuesday, June 02, 2009

OK so yesterday we were suppose to be done moving out our things, but we hit a few snags, so were in the process right now of finishing. Im taking a break becuase my back is killing me! One of the biggest snags is David and his now in a sling & splint arm! :(

I was in a text war on the cell with his siter Kathy, and I ended up madder than I have been in a good minuit. That in turn got me and david fighting (arguing), and he proved himself a dumbass yet again. He ended up cutting his arm in two places close togtether, on his right forearm on the outside. We had to call Evelyn (his mom) to rush us to the ER. The one cut needed a few stitches, but the on right above it was about 3 inches wide, and went down almost to the bone, cutting through muscle! In all he needed inside the wound and out 31 stitches!!! Now its in a splint and a sling. He got refered to an orthopedist.

That was at around 3am, and when done and out of the ER it was around 6am. We cant go to bed though cause we still were not done packing for the move. Its now 12:00 in the afternoon and we still have a little bit to pack, and then move it and we are done. The drawback of all this packing since we got back from the hospital is... He has one arm to work with, which makes me have to do more. On top of me having a very bad back... this all equals SUCKY AS HELL!!!!!!!!!

Wish me luck...
I just want this all done. FAST!!!!
When its all done, we cant even move in for a week, becuase Kat (Kathy) and Rays new place isnt ready for them to move in yet, so we have to stay at a motel for a week.
That has it advantages and its drawbacks. Im just looking forward to tonight, so I can get into the pool and relax and de-stress from all of this for a while!

Ok, Ill post later. Love & Hugs to all you Beautiful people!

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