Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So Very Random Moment!

Its been such a long time since I posted anything to this blog. To be honest I forgot about it. I am sitting here at Bayonet point hospital, in the cardiac waiting room. I am using the computer at the volunteers desk, even though I think Im not suppose to. My father, Jack Gard.. just had a cardiac proceedure done, they had to remove some blockages and added two stints in his heart. I came here to be with my mother for support while he was in surgury. All went well during surgury. He is in a deep drugged slumber now in recovery. I know he was afraid he would not make it this time, as he has had several heart prceedures before this one. In the back of my mind I sometimes think he will out live us all though. For now though it looks like My father will live to tell about this another day.

While Im blogging, I guess Ill post about some other thoughts and news in my life. Me & Mike have been seperated well over a year now. We are planning on the divorce soon, as soon as we can afford it. Meanwhile I have been dating the sweetest person in the World... David Terry Ooley. We have been officially together a little of over 5 monthes now. We started dating Jan. 14th 2009. Although we were living together and intimate for a year now. He was and still is my best friend. We are engaged to be married, and set the date for Feb. 14th 2010. Im currently already beggining to plan my ass off! Wish me luck.

In 4 Days we will be moving from Lantern into Jasmine Lakes on Orange Blossom with Evelyn. In a lot of ways I am looking forward to it greatly, yet in some not so much. I guess only time will tell. Again, Wish me luck!

I will post more later, Im off to my dads recovery room again to check on him and my mother. Wish Him Luck, and health!


Tiffany Diane Gard - Layden ( Soon to be Ooley )


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