Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Recipe of The Week: Homemade Hamburger Helper!

Hi my lovelies... The recipe of the week, will be followed up with pictures next time I make it, which should be very soon. I apologize for lack of visuals lately. Bear with me friends.

Since I always seem to cook for an army lol, Buying Hamburger helper seems wrong to me. Stuff is a little bland for my tastes as well. This version will hopefully prove just how easy it is to make your own yummy concoction.

Now you can adjust for larger/smaller servings.... This isn't exact.. so feel free to experiment.

1 to 2 pounds of hamburger meat. Add Adobo... I use Goya's! I tend to lean towards always buying the variety with pepper.  Use about 2 tablespoons. Brown until done in skillet. Drain any grease really well in a strainer. Set to the side, until ready to add.

In a large pot, Add 2 cups of milk. I use 2 percent milk, but that's totally up to you. Add 4 cups water. Bring to boil.

Now add in half of a block of velveeta cheese. Make sure you cube it into small pieces first, as this helps to make it melt faster. Once it is melted proceed to next step.

Now add in to the pot 2 packages of egg noodles. I use Pennsylvania Dutch Broad egg noodles, but you can use whichever brand you prefer. Let boil for a few minuits. Turn down heat to medium before your noodles are completely cooked. This ensures they are not over cooked by the time the dish is all the way done.

Now you can add in your cooked and drained hamburger. Stir well until its mixed in evenly. After about 2 min. reduce heat to low.

Stir in 2 heaping tablespoons of Sour Cream. Add a few more dashes of Adobo as well. If you like your dishes with a lil kick, add in a small dash of red pepper flakes. Mix well.

Now add in half of a container of French's Cheddar French Fried Onions. Stir in well so its evenly mixed.

Let cook on low until noodles are perfectly done. Turn off heat. Once heat is off, if its not fully thickened yet, it will when you let it rest. Just make sure you keep your pot stirred well at all times, so it does not stick on bottom.

Top with some shredded cheddar cheese, and a handful of the french fried onions & enjoy!
Now if you try this out, I want some feedback, comments and even some of your own pics. Lemme know guys what you think. My family loves it and so do I. I make this almost every week!
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